Sunday, June 20, 2004

i love fishes because they're sooooo delicious! i love fishes!!! :D

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hi Peoples??? Whatcha'll Doin??? Anyway, Im Tired and I just Wanted to see what was up on hEre, As I can tell Not ymuch ish Happening... Oh Well... HAHAHAHA

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

*yawn* nuuuugggghhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhoooooo *posts* ^_T

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

lalala~ in drawing class... because i`m so lazy XD;; not doing anything... --; i dont wanna go to the assembly.. but then... bleeeh... ^^; i ono... i wanna cut.. but.... Seung wants me to go to his house... ahahahaaa..... ;;;; anyway~ K is being nice.. and letting me go H0ME~ <3 hmm... this computer is being weird..i think i sh0uld go now... ^^;; ja ne~~~


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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Surely, as long as someone is posting, the blog won't be dead. >xP

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Yea lol it's official! I pronounce the blog DEAD! T_T Sad but ture the blog is dead... Or its like under a coma or something... But yea Ze Blog is Deaduuuuu -_-;; Hmm lets make this a happy situation.... uhm i'll uhm whatever... GO TO MY BLOG PEOPLE XD ^_^ Well i think tahts it but yea go go go! ^_^

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Monday, March 15, 2004

currently in 8th period~ we have free time again~!! hahaaha

o___O;; no post?? >_<;;; everyone having their own life ne?? *sigh* come back once in a while anyway~!! bleh.. i shouldnt be saying this.. cuz i didnt post myself.. sorry~ and elle.. i'm really sorry, i needa talk to you ;___;

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Ehhh Sorry I haven't posted in Forever..... But yeah... WHAT'S K-FEST???? ANd YEah.... How ya'll doing??? Im Happy cuZ SImon is once again Coming back down And gonna propose once again but PROPERLY!!! Yay... With my RIng.. LoL So yeah... He's coming in April... HAPPINESS!!!

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

LOL wow so many posts... LOL the blog isn't dying after all... it's dying slowly... T_T...... OH WELL atleast people come to visit this place once in a while... ^^;; And people post every other week.. XD Yup yup should we invite random people to this blog again? Or just keep it the way it is? Cause i'm whatever i have my own blog and i post like crazy XD Well ta ta everybody! See ya on monday!

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

AYA: aro... i still dunno what's going on... *pets you* perserverance, yaah!!!!

MICHAEL: lol!!! hahah, you almost missed the bus!! sorry that you came out of chemistry tutoring late :3 i didn't think the bus would come so early! (and i forgot to calculate how far it would be from chem tutoring to the bus 17 :x). i took transit so don't ya worry about it.

SASHA: i don't mind for another k-fest <3 in fact, i'm voting for it! yatta!!!!!~! i want to see the difference between the anime and manga <3

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Dude my neighborhood uber freaks me out >< because some lady behind my building was all acting high and drunk and was yelling at this one dude and she has all hunched over and it looked like she was going to fall down the stairs.

Elle Ho: K-Fest? Sunday? Hahaha i thought you were sick of it after those like 2 discs! XDDD Umm i will ask and see if i can do sunday. Sqwee.... But we have like 9 more discs to go!!!! **weeps for the uber longness but squeals at the thought of akito** Shall we wait for tina ma bob? I swear the bus no likey you.

Tinua: no more karate choppy in the head ;_; So Tinua wanna do k-fest like thing agian? or are you sick of it?

only one more day of school until the weekend! Yay!!!!! XDD

Go to the health and science fair or enter the poetry contest. you know you wanna. DO IT NOW!

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Elle: thanks you for saying that i'm cool! ^__^ XD But yea i wouldn't have written that if you didn't make me a blog and like if i didn't read your post XD so yea GO US!! The Keepers Of Sanity! XD ^_^ ooo i like that title! *puts in little black book* XD

Aya: Welcome back to the blog ^_^

Tina: Nya... why did you take the bus home with me!? Omg i was this close *holds up a pinch* to missing the bus! @_@ i was all "DON'T LEAVE ME AND I JUMPED INFRONT OF THE BUS AND ALMOST DIED!!! XD" JK I just walked up to the bus and i went on.... did you miss the bus or did you take transit? ^_^?

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